9/11 WTC South tower nose cone flight 175

The Nose or cockpit of the plane seems to have stayed intact all the way through the building and bursting out of the other side. AFTER exiting the building it seems to explode in a fiery WHITE HOT explosion.
The fuel tanks of a Boeing 767 are on the outer part of the wings and about 90 ft apart from each other.
The plane came in at an angle and the wings should have sheared off. Remember, the wings would have had to transgress the continuous concrete and steel floors, causing the main explosion to happen inside the building, and not exiting as shown here.

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Notice the shadow of the projectiles on the last pic, then view the missile page below.

WTC photos of object exiting tower


Good thread here about the possibility of a missile launching just before the plane strikes the building.
WHY? So there would be no evidence left, of the plane?? (which may not have been flight 175)


www.LETSROLL911.org !

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