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Flight 175 The Plane-bomb (or POD)

This is my original planebomb site. I created it in mid-late 2002. since then the "POD" has recieved much attention.
I have creadted several other sites with higher resolution from better videos I have obtained.
I am keeping this original site here for archive purposess.
See the "POD" sites below, for updated information and hi-res photos.

9-11 WTC South tower nose cone flight 175 767

WTC plane video still closeups underside flight 175 POD



New news from the anomaly on flight 175
a new forum at
Democratic Undergroundand page about www.amics21.com
discussing previously unseen video (NEW?) of flight 175 just before hitting the tower.
interestingly, the stills are on the this
NIST .pdf link (appendixh.pdf)
The new stills were done by Scott Myers who also did a
review for Final Cut Pro ,
a program that just happens to be capable of making an overlay (like the "building")
and running prepared frames behind it. it seems he was also a JFK researcher,
who's specialty was making
digital simulations (thanks to the Webfairy for this)

This site goes into detail showing the difference in the paint job, which should have shown a bright white stripe down the middle of the bottom of this plane (for a standard 767UA plane). all of the pics that day seem to show something different.
(there is also a lot of great info about the Pentagon and the building collapses)
an interesting closeup !
N612ua (related to the above site)


by Leonard Spencer Site by Peter Myer


Good thread here about the possibility of a missile launching just before the plane strikes the building.
WHY? So there would be no evidence left, of the plane?? (which may not have been flight 175)


LetsRoll911.org Determines 'Flight 175' a Highly Modified Military Retrofitted 767-200E Tanker, possibly a Protoypte KC767 Fuel Tanker

analysis here as well...


Jack Blood review...
After reviewing the video from www.letsroll911.org , JackBlood.com has analyzed the flash emitted by the tip of the �pod� located below the airliner. Webmaster Mario Andrade, a Gulf War veteran an explosive ordinance specialist, has noticed remarkable similarities between the �pod� and a military-type general purpose (GP) bomb, such as the commonly used Mark 84 (MK-84).

Several different angles taken of the plane just before impact with the South tower

TomFlocco -July 15


Mirror here

(old) Weblog...

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